President's Report, 22nd OHNNG Annual Conference, March 9th to 11th 2018 Perth

Following a huge build up and much anticipation the 22nd national OHNNG conference is now over for another year.  The two and a half days were filled with 30 speakers over 28 presentations, an AGM and two corporate workshops.  Approximately half of the 101 attendees submitted conference evaluation forms and those responses have been collated and are available for your perusal on this page.  The responses indicate that (for the respondents at least) the conference met their expectations and they felt they gained significantly from the program.  The verbal feedback I have had mimics these responses.  As a committee we attempted to provide a well-balanced program highlighting new and novel approaches to ENT and Head and Neck conditions.  I welcome the negative responses as well as the positive and where possible will change our practice to accommodate some of those opinions.

From a management point of view, I felt the conference ran quite smoothly and have my own opinion of where things could be improved or at least enhanced.  I thought the venue (despite the temperature issues) was comfortable and suited our purposed nicely.
One big issue is the subject of corporate workshops.  It is a huge benefit to have corporate sponsorship but of course companies are not going to throw money at us for nothing.  The opportunity to run a workshop to highlight their products and the effective and appropriate use of their product or equipment to a large group of nurses comes at a significant cost.  Unfortunately, these workshops are not valued by conference delegates and the numbers attending these workshops are quite low.  Corporate sponsors fail to see value for money with so few people in the room.  If corporate sponsors fail to support our conferences in the future, there is no recourse other than to increase registration costs.  This is an issue which will factor significantly in planning for the 2019 conference.

For those who were unable to attend the Perth conference there were some items on the AGM agenda discussed and decisions made which I will outline here.

  • Several alterations to the constitution – all of which were adopted without dissent.  The proposed alterations have been available on the website for several months.  Following the adoption of the changes it was further carried that I submit our updated constitution to the Association Forum for their assessment.  This may in turn mean more changes or overhaul to ensure our constitution is appropriate for our needs into the future.
  • OHNNG will continue an allegiance to the Australian College of Nurses and maintain Bronze affiliation with that body.
  • OHNNG purchase and maintain the World Continuing Education Alliance through the International Council of Nurses.  This will give our members a vast range of educational opportunities through the ‘global’ package of online courses.
  • Positions within the executive (treasurer) and state coordinator rolls were both vacated and adopted.  Pauline Kennedy tendered her resignation as group treasurer.  She had held this position for three years and had performed the challenging role with competence and attention to detail.  Lyn Jones from Toowoomba was voted into the role unopposed.
    • WA coordinator – Debbie Waters – resigned and was not replaced- however will assist where able.
    • SA coordinator – Karen Mahoney – resigned.  Poonam Kumar elected to the role.
    • Vic coordinator – was vacant – John Paul So elected to the role.
    • NSW Hunter region – Gai Shylan – resigned.  Jasmine Gibson elected to the role.
  • I take this opportunity to thank or resigning members for the significant time and effort they have put into their roles in our organisation and wish them all well for the future. For our new executive and committee members – thank you for your willingness to assist the group and its members by holding these positions and I look forward to working with you all in the future.  Our goal is to host at least two workshops or events in each state over the coming 12 months and I’m sure between us we can create these educational opportunities for the benefit of our members and to meet our stated group objectives.
  • Also discussed at the AGM was the development of our website.  This is an ongoing project as content is uploaded daily however the site will soon look different and the content reshuffled with the aim of being easier to locate the most popular and significant content.

Future planning for the 2019 conference has already begun.  I value your thoughts on this topic if you wish to submit them.  I expect the 2019 Brisbane event will be our biggest to date and although that is a wonderful concept it brings with it many logistical challenges.  I relish these challenges and hope to bring you another event that benefits both our members, non-members and ultimately our patients.  

If you attended the recent Perth conference – I thank you for coming.  If you were unable to attend I suggest you start looking at the Brisbane dates March 22nd to 24th and set plans in place to join us.  If you have a topic you wish to share and believe it would be of benefit to our members I would be delighted to discuss that with you.

In closing I would like to extend my thanks to the nurses in Perth who attended the conference in good numbers and remained attentive throughout.  It was an excellent opportunity for you to receive specialty specific education and I am glad you invested your time and money to attend.  
I wish you all a happy, healthy and personally and professionally rewarding year.  I suggest you keep an eye on our website for the most recent events and content and I look forward to seeing many of you in Brisbane in March 2019.  

Cheryl Kelly | OHNNG President | president@ohnng.com.au | www.ohnng.com.au | 0416 142 839


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2008 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Holly Powell
Best Presentation: Caroline Stewart
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Paul Dean

2009 Gold Coast Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Gai Shylan
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Shelly Straw

2010 Sydney Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Cheryl Kelly
Best Presentation: Paula Mcleod
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Susan Trapani & Brenda Roberts

2011 Melbourne Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Elisabeth Consedine
Best Presentation: Shelly Straw
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Melanie Withers & Leanne Campbell

2012 Adelaide Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Leanne Stapleton & Jackie Huestis
Best Presentation: Catherine Parker
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Emma Parsons

2013 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Sandra McKendry
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Allana King

2014 Brisbane Recipients
Best Presentation: Jackie Huestis
Best Novice Presentation: Lisa Hellwege
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Theresa O’Leary

2015 Sydney Recipients
Best Presentation: Sue Trapani & Wendy Stout
Best Novice Presentation: Tooey Tran
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Pauline Kennedy

2016 Melbourne Recipients
Best Presentation: Cheryl Kelly
Best Novice Presentation: Amanda Wood
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Katrina Frase

2017 Adelaide Recipients
Geoff Sharpe Best Presentation Award : Tracey Nicholls
Best Novice Presentation: Megan Green
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Margge Moncrieff

2018 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter:  Amanda Richardson
Geoff Sharp Best Presentation: Tracey Nicholls
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award:   Cathy Doidge & Gabe Jackson




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