Training programs

Training programs

10770NAT Course in Micro-Suction and Aural Hygiene

The procedure of Micro-Suction and Aural Hygiene is quite complex, not everyone has the same anatomy & physiology and wax type which is why the course has been designed for the student to be able to acquire maximum exposure to various types of ears and wax conditions over 3 weeks clinical placement.

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clear ears

Clear Ears established the first course in Aural Care in Australia. Based in Aural Care Certificate, Department of Otolaryngology,? Stoke Mandeville Hospital UK, Clear Ears Course in Aural Care was developed to meet Australian Standards with the assistance of ENT surgeons and audiologists.

Clear Ears have now transformed the Course into a blended digital learning hub with assistance from world leading developers at DeakinCo.

This new format enables Audiologists, Medical Practitioners and Registered Nurses to access training at a time and location convenient to their business, minimising the costs associated with traditional training, whilst adding value by allowing learners to review any aspect of the course as often as desired.

The portal offers Theoretical (nominal 40 hours) or Practical (nominal 60 hours) certification streams undertaken over 6 weeks from commencement. There is also intuitive RPL built in, allowing experienced practitioners to fast track their learning. Ongoing access to the portal is available on completion by subscription.

The Clear Ears Aural Care Course has been endorsed by the OHNNG and both Audiology Australia (AA) and New Zealand Audiology Society (NZAS).

AA and NZAS have also assigned the following CPD.

Theoretical Certification $1200 AUD ex GST 10 CPD points
Practical Certification $1500 AUD ex GST 30 CPD points
Subscription $20 AUD ex GST/ month.

For further information or to enrol in the course please go to