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Jennifer Bessell

Medtronic ENT invites you to attend our MAPSS Workshop
(Medtronic Academia Powered Sinus Surgery Workshop)

The program is designed to provide the principles required to achieve competency in Powered Sinus Surgery perioperative skills. Through didactic and practical learning experiences, attendees will increase their knowledge of the assembly, use, care and maintenance of the Integrated Power Console (IPC™) and selected sinus surgery blades and burs.

The Key learning objectives for the course are:

  • Demonstrate assembly / disassembly of the IPC™ System
  • Discuss the key characteristics and use of selected sinus blades and burs
  • Experience the use of the blades and burs in a set of simulated exercises
  • To demonstrate care and maintenance steps
  • Describe troubleshooting techniques

We will also open the day with a short session on “Nerve Monitoring from the Perioperative Nurses Perspective” and an in-depth inservice on the NIM 3.0 For full agenda and parking details, please see Course Registration Website

DATE Saturday 20th May 2017
TIME 9am-2pm (Doors open at 8.30am)
COST $25 per person (tax deductible)
VENUE St John of God Geelong Hospital 80 Myers Street, Geelong, VIC Level 4 Koala Care Unit, Operating Theatres
COURSE REGISTRATION Click on the link below or enter it into your browser to register:

(Please note that some hospital IT departments don’t support ticketing sites)
Limited numbers are available
Registrations MUST be done via Eventbrite website prior to the day of Workshop

Hayley Need – Principal Clinical Specialist 0478 878 985